Kyoritsu 5020

Đồng hồ ghi dữ liệu kyoritsu 5010 dùng để ghi dòng rò, dòng tải, điện áp và công suất của các thiết bị.
Kyoritsu 5020

Kyoritsu 5020

  • 3 kênh đầu vào đồng thời: Dòng rò, dòng tải, và điện áp
  • Phân tích chất lượng công suất (chỉ với Model 5020)
  • Dung lượng lớn khoảng 60.000 dữ liệu
  • Bộ lọc thông thấp => lọc sóng hài.
  • Đèn Led nháy sáng khi giá trị dòng và điện áp vượt quá ngưỡng đặt trước.
  • Gọi dữ liệu đã ghi.
  • USB
  • External

  • 3 channel inputs for the simultaneous recording of Leakage Current, Load Current and Voltage
  • Large Capacity for storing 60,000 data points
    • 60,000 data points can be recorded when 1ch is used, and when all the three channels are used, 20,000 data points per channel can be recorded
  • Lowpass Filter will filter out the harmonics (Cutoff Frequency = Approx. 160Hz)
  • LED flickers when the preset current / voltage value is exceeded
  • CALL: Confirmation of recorded data
    • The following can be displayed: number of recorded data points, (max+ min+ peak) value for each channel complete with time/date information in the Normal recording mode. (Detected values (i.e. when values are outside preset limits ) can be displayed in other recording modes)
    • RECALL: The last 10 recorded data points including time/date can be recalled on the logger display
  • Selection of One-time mode or Endless mode
    • One-time on: Recording will stop when memory is used up
    • One-time off: Overwrite the old data, and store the latest data
  • Non Volatile Memory
    Recorded data will be retained even if the batteries are exhausted or replaced due to the presence of a nonvolatile memory (guaranteed for 10 years)
  • Battery power indicator
    Indicates battery voltage in 4-levels
    (It is possible to use the logger for a further approx. 24 hours even after the warming symbol is flashing)
  • The userfriendly PC software "KEW LOG Soft 2" is supplied
    • Supplied with the user friendly software "KEW LOG Soft 2". This permits editing, analysis and graphical display of data.
    • The recorded data is downloadable onto a PC via USB cable.
    • Variation of the measured voltage and current data can be confirmed simultaneously on the PC display monitor. (only on KEW 5020)
    • Simplified Power Integration
      (The "KEW LOG Soft 2" uses current and voltage recorded to calculate the integral power consumption)
  • Continuous measuring time: Approx. 10 days (Alkaline Battery)

Normal Recording Mode
(AC 50/60Hz, Sine wave, Input: 10% or more of the range at CH1)

Range RMS Accuracy
100.0mA ±2.0%rdg±0.9%f.s.+ Accuracy of Sensor
Other ranges ±1.5%rdg±0.7%f.s.+ Accuracy of Sensor
Crest Factor 2.5 or less: RMS accuracy (sine) + 2%rdg + 1%f.s.

*Max, Min and Instant Peak values in Normal Recording mode are just reference values:
their accuracies aren't guaranteed.

Trigger Recording Mode (AC 50/60Hz sine wave)

Range Accuracy
100.0mA ±3.5%rdg±2.2%f.s.+ Accuracy of Sensor
Other ranges ±3.0%rdg±2.0%f.s.+ Accuracy of Sensor

Capture Recording Mode

Range Accuracy
100.0mA ±3.0%rdg±1.7%f.s.+ Accuracy of Sensor
Other ranges ±2.5%rdg±1.5%f.s.+ Accuracy of Sensor
Recording mode Normal, Trigger, Capture, Power Quality Analysis
Operating system Successive Approximation
(CH1 single synchronized sampling)
Rated max. working voltage AC 9.9Vrms, 14V peak value
Number of input channel 3ch
Measuring method True RMS
RMS measuring interval approx. 100ms
Sampling interval Normal/Trigger mode : approx. 1.65ms/CH 
Capture mode : approx. 0.55ms (waveform: at every 1.1ms) 
P.Q.A. mode : approx. 0.55ms